What is STRchive?

STRchive (pronouced S-T-archive) is the Short Tandem Repeat Archive. It is a database of STRs associated with rare diseases in humans.

Why STRchive?

STRs are a type of genetic variation that are associated with many rare diseases. Information about pathogenic STRs is often scattered across databases and out-of-date. This makes it difficult to find and interpret STR variants. STRchive aims to solve this problem by providing a central community database.

How can you help?

STRchive welcomes community contributions.

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Who are we?

Harriet Dashnow
Postdoc, University of Utah.
Laurel Hiatt
MD/PhD candidate, University of Utah.
Ben Weisburd
Computational Scientist, Broad Institute.
Egor Dolzhenko
Bioinformatics Scientist, PacBio.